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Welcome to Advance Endoscopy & Specialist Centre
Locations, Wait Time And Services
We are pleased to announce that conveniently located endoscopic, anorectal surgical and screening services are now available at our clinic. Our average wait time is 3 weeks.

Our Clinic is the only out-patient centre for diseases of the colon and rectum, colon cancer prevention and related medical treatments,where state of the art High Definition H 180 scopes are used.
Patient Info
We strive to relieve the pain and distress of colon and rectal ailments through patient care. This includes hemorrhoids, fissures, fistula, rectal bleeding, hematoma, pain, and many other common problems that people need not endure are treated on priority basis.
Please feel free!
To contact the Advance Endoscopy & Specialist Centre at any time with questions or inquiries you may have about colonoscopies or any aliment of the colon or rectum. Please use the phone numbers and addresses we have provided for this purpose.
Where Are we