Consultations: Referrals and Pre-Assessment

Appointment Requests

The Advance Endoscopy & Specialist Centre concentrates on clinic-based out-patient investigation and treatment of colon, rectal Upper GI ailments using the latest equipment and techniques.

As a specialized clinic, we are not able to accept requests for appointments directly from patients. A referral must first be faxed to our clinic from your primary care physician or family doctor. Once we have received a referral, we will contact you directly to book the appointment.

If you need to find a primary care physician, please check the doctor search service operated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Please note that patients who are not insured under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (or any other Canadian public health insurance plan) will be charged directly for professional fees and treatments.


Referrals from Doctors

As a leading center for treatment of diseases of the GI tract, we offer compassionate care and specialized treatments that go beyond the scope of what can be provided in a general medical center. We welcome referrals from family practitioners and doctors, anywhere in Canada. Physicians, please use our convenient Referral Form for this purpose.

It is a recommendation that patients undergoing colonoscopy/gastroscopy in an out-of-hospital (OHP) clinic should have a full history and current list of medications before the procedure. The completed referral form can be faxed to the clinic to request the endoscopy procedure.

For your convenience, the Referral Form can be filled online and available as Adobe PDF files. To view and print the PDF file.If you prefer to receive the Referral Form by fax or email, please contact our clinic directly from contact us page.