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Experts provide outstanding
services which witness true
doctor patient relationship.

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Our Procedures

We are the team of finest doctors, using their experience and knowledge to do best for their patients.

About Us

Our team of CPSO-certified physicians are dedicated to patient comfort and accessibility.

Conveniently located in Mississauga, Toronto, Bowmanville and Kingston Ontario, Canada. Our facilities are specifically designed to enhance patient satisfaction with unparalleled comfort and post procedure monitoring.

Lengthy wait times for appointments are a common problem in the health care system, we guarantee to see patients within 2-4 weeks of referral. 

We are proud to offer modern, state of the art outpatient clinics. Our distinctive features are:​

  • Latest High Definition equipment.

  • A full range of upper gastrointestinal and colorectal procedures in a safe and comfortable outpatient environment.

  • Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy services are covered by the Ministry of Health OHIP Fee Schedule, with no additional fees to patients.

Advance Endoscopy

What our patients think about us

Steve PearsonProud Customer
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I wasn't going to post my review but after reading others.... my nurse was Sarah, she was very kind... also was my first a clean bed... obviously this clinic is there to make money, but as the procedure go... well, they did answer all my questions... the doctor also did, in a kind of rude way, but did anyway... and they made me feel free to stop and leave at anytime,
Lindsay McilroyProud Customer
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Consultation was quick and easy. The receptionist working (Jan30th, Coxwell location) is so nice and pleasant. She does a great job, and it makes a big difference to patients who are worried about issues that could be serious to have someone so comforting and personable working at a clinic like this. I didn't catch her name but thanks for making potentially awkward appointments bearable!
Mehron HalitskyProud Customer
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I was extremely happy with my experience at Advance Endoscopy. From start to finish I felt comfortable and taken care of. The staff and doctors are all top notch!
Ahsan ZiaProud Customer
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Very Very friendly staff, doctor's and nurses. Definitely 5
Christopher KingProud Customer
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Although these procedures are never something that you would ever look forward to ;-), the friendly and professional staff at this place make it a lot easier to go through than it could be.
Danny papadimitriouProud Customer
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I would definitely recommend this clinic. The staff was very knowledgeable of the procedure,. it make you feel comfortable.

Why Us

Experts provide outstanding services which witness true doctor patient relationship.

Prompt Reporting to Referring Physicians

Multilingual staff

Saturday Procedures to Accommodate Busy Schedules
Female gastroenterologist and Surgeons onboard
Minimal Wait Times

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